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NameAnne Laubach
PositionDoctoral Researcher
AffiliationC.2 Privacy Protection in Sensor-Augmented Environments Distant from Humans
Phone+49 561 804-6098
OfficeRaum 2260
AddressUniversität Kassel
Pfannkuchstrasse 1
34109 Kassel
ThesisNecessity and possibility of data protection provisions on the example of sensor data

Goals and vision

As a lawyer I am taking part in the interdisciplinary Doctoral College "Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users" at the University of Kassel.
When prospective customers use the Internet these days they leave broad traces of personal data that can be analyzed and assembled in order to create complete profiles of the respective individuals. Information Technology develops in such a rapid and unstoppable way the slow and cumbersome law-making machinery cannot keep pace. This contradiction has once more been demonstrated in the recently finalized piece of European data protection legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation, the process of which has lasted over four years. According to “Moore’s law” in contrast IT-development doubles every two years. Thus, over the years between the first draft of the General Data Protection Regulation until its applicability in 2018 IT will have evolved over six times.

Legal research concerning possibilities of and protection against sensor data in a world of ubiquitous computing still is at its very beginning. Moreover questions concerning data protection in such a scenario constitute quite new scientific ground.
My thesis will focus on examining and assessing to which extent the current legal framework still is sufficient to provide adequate protection of personal data and privacy of individuals using the Internet through mobile devices. It is necessary to adapt data protection legislation to new challenges deriving from the everincreasing data processing. Hence, I would like to develop and to propose new approaches, strategies and means to cope with these challenges from the legal point of view. My aim is to significantly strengthen the skills of users of mobile devices in the Internet. Through greater transparency users should get back personal control over their own data in order to better understand and realize the fundamental rights of both informational self- determination and protection of the privacy of telecommunications.

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Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Computer Science

Hochschulstr. 10

64289 Darmstadt

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