24.05.2017 12:19

Professor Esma Aïmeur gave an invited talk at our RTG

Esma Aïmeur gave an invited talk at our RTG on 10th of May, illustrating issues and challenges in the field of privacy and the impact of these challenges on humanity. As such, she illustrated how privacy-fostering services are regularly failing due to market dynamics and humans are hardly able to cope with the complexity of privacy and implications of missing privacy. At the end of her talk, Esma Aïmeur stressed the responsibility of researchers to think not only about technological contributions but also about the implications of these contributions on societies and humanity.


Throughout the whole week, the Ph.D. students had the chance to meet with Esma Aïmeur to discuss their current research, their research agenda and potential collaborations. As is was already apparent from the invited talk, the Ph.D. students have not only been able to present their current research but were motivated by Esma Aïmeur to think out of the box about possible implications and unexpected and unintended use cases of their work.

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