24.05.2017 13:08

RTG PhDs attendet bi-annual CROSSING conference

Tim Grube and Spyros Boukoros had the possibility to attend the bi-annual CROSSING conference. At this conference, invited researchers present opinions and research to shape future research directions. In interesting - and partially depressing - talks, Bart Preneel drew attention to challenges arising in connected environments and the uprising of Big Data. Peter Ryan pointed out challenges of electronic voting systems, challenges that are related to a multitude of interdisciplinary challenges, e.g., the privacy of votes, coercion resistance, and usability. George Danezis was then able to indicate future research directions for anonymous communication and that this field of research is even more relevant due to the prevalence of TOR. Pointing out the weaknesses of the two common and basic anonymization techniques onion routing and mixes, George Danezis discussed crucial mistakes done in the development (and marketing) of mix-based anonymization 15 years ago to highlight research challenges for the next decade.

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